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About Our Company

Wca 95 has been pursuing its objective to combat weight problems and to enhance the neighborhood's general health by setting up outside fitness zones that are complimentary for public use.

Wca 95 devices have been enthusiastically welcomed by neighborhoods throughout The United States and Canada for its high quality and multi-generational appeal.

By leveraging collaborations with nationwide non-profit companies and doctor, Wca 95 has seen excellent success assisting develop healthy neighborhoods, bringing totally free exercise to low-income communities and assisting battle the nationwide weight problems epidemic.

By allowing users to work against their own body mass, the fitness devices can be used by nearly anybody, no matter capability or fitness level. All exercise systems - even those with moving parts - are practically maintenance-free and need no lubrication.

Wca 95 setups are a testimony to the device’s rugged building, as they have withstood years of use in socially and financially disadvantaged urban areas.Wca 95 just recently presented brand-new.

Wheelchair Accessible systems making the outside fitness center available to an even more comprehensive part of the neighborhood, as both the able and handicapped can individually exercise at the same time.